A 4.2m strecthed canvas for IVECO


We are pleased to offer the best stretcher framing prices in Perth, combined with a fast turnaround time.   

Why choose us?​ 

  • We only use professional stretcher bar.  
  • Quality framer's guillotine used for perfect cuts and joins, plus all joins are glued and then stapled for extra strength.  
  • Frames over 1 metre have support bracing added to prevent sagging over time.  
  • Every canvas is custom made and stretched giving you a superior finished product.  
  • Finished  to a high standard, front and back. Once completed your canvas will be  wrapped and ready for collection with protective corners and plastic  wrap.   

Perfectly suited for Bali oils and also suited for any photos printed on canvas.  

Find Out More

See below for the different options we have available.

Stretcher Framing

Kimberley boab tree stretched canvas


Stretcher framing is always a popular and on trend option for painted and printed canvases. Our frames are custom made onsite after carefully measuring your canvas. This way you will always receive the best result possible.


Floating Frames

Indigenous dot painting with a floating frame

Having your canvas stretched, why not look at adding a floating frame? 

See below for the styles and colour choices of our floating frames.


What is a Floating Frame?

Close up of Indigenous dot painting with a floating frame

These  unique frames are so named because the illusion they create is that your  artwork is "floating" within the frame instead of being covered by it. Because of this illusion, viewers of your artwork gain a sense of three-dimensional depth when viewing the piece.